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High-end Expensive Dining Room Tables

One of a home's key gathering places is the dining room. In addition to being a place to enjoy wonderful food and good people, it should also be somewhere you love spending time. And as an excellent host or hostess will tell you, fine dining style is about much more than just the food or the guests you're having for dinner.

Numerous practical factors must be taken into accounts, such as space planning, fabric and material selection, functional design, and craftsmanship. Although selecting dining room furniture requires careful consideration, the process is significantly simplified by our high-end dining tables.

High End Dining Tables and Chairs

There are typically two different styles of dining room chairs: the carver (which has arms) and the standard (which does not). A set of any of these designs will typically be used for a round, oval, or square table while a combination of the two will frequently be used for a rectangle table with regular dining chairs flanking the long sides and carvers at the heads of the table.

Check our beautiful range of chairs and table sets for your dining room.


Revamp your dining area with our luxury modern dining room sets

Over the years, dining rooms have experienced some of the most radical transformations in fashion. It has long been one of the more conventional rooms in a home, but during the past ten or so years, modernity has exploded in this space.

Dining room fashion is ever evolving, and so we are! Dining rooms, which were once formal, dim areas, are today among the home's design-flexible and most changeable spaces which is why our forward-thinking design excels in this modern situation. Whether it's with glass tables, ground-breaking sculptures, or gravity-defying chairs, every look from Ambience Living Decors is cool yet meaningful for your dining room. Our mainstays are iconic designs, pure tones, and brilliant bright colors.


Formal Dining Sets

A formal dining room is utilized for elegant dining, special dinners, and celebrations. Undoubtedly, our matching table and chair set (often made of quality materials like stunning hardwoods and elegant upholstery), fresh, pressed linens, and full dinner service with serving utensils and a cutlery service are second to none. This style of the dining room will include accessories like a buffet or sideboard, a china cabinet, and a dramatic centrepiece that help with dining and entertainment.

Luxury Wood Dining Tables

To ensure that they enhance any dining room's aesthetic appeal for a very long time, most of our opulent dining tables are made from the finest wood. Explore our selection of designer wooden tables in oval, round and rectangular shapes.

Let’s have a look:

Teak+Chunk+Solid+Wood+Block+Coffee+Table (6).webp

Dining Tables from the Top-class Furniture Brands

We believe that your house should be a haven for you. The nicest homes are usually those that are thoughtfully furnished with the residents' favourite things—items that make them happy or inspire them. To satisfy that standard, a piece of furniture needs to be made with more thought and care than those that are mass-produced and sold in the millions.

Higher value, longevity, and distinctiveness are all related to higher quality. That’s why, all our dining room tables come from the biggest brands of the world.


Types of Dining Room Tables

Dining tables, like any furniture, are made from a range of materials, which are frequently influenced by silhouette and design. Our most popular materials for upscale dining room furniture include:



Wood is still the most often used material because it is durable, adaptable, and abundant in both aesthetics and colour. Depending on the grain and treatments (from weathered to high gloss) utilized, it can be as plain or as ornamental as you wish. Marquetry, inlay and carving options all add interest to our products.


A veneer is a thin strip of wood that is affixed to a solid panel and used to build furniture. Veneers come in a wide variety of wood finishes, including rare and exotic woods, and are both flexible and durable.


A distinctly contemporary material, glass is wonderful for a streamlined aesthetic and fits well in spaces that are too tiny to accommodate a visually dense timber design. For extra strength, tempered glass is there for support our glass furniture products.


Metal bases are most frequently utilised for dining tables, particularly for sleek, fashionable designs. The material might be powder-coated, brushed, glossy, or hammered. Can be combined with glass, marble, or wood tops to create various appearances.


Using a specialized and extremely old craftsmen process, parchment is a super-fine animal skin covering (often goatskin) that is placed on hardwood panels. Typically, parchment is polished to a high sheen, giving the impression of glossy varnish.


This classic material can look quite contemporary in certain contexts. Although some whole marble tables are available, it is frequently only utilised for the table top and coupled with wood or metal bases. Given the weight of this material, it is wise to carefully verify the needs for flooring.

How to Choose the Perfectly Modern Dining Room Table?

Decide what you want from your dining room before making any major choices; this will influence everything from the design to the table you are going to choose. Any design decisions will be much easier to make if you write down your responses to the following questions, examine them, and then write them down:

  • Will there primarily be a formal or casual dining space there?

  • What vibe are you trying to create?

  • How frequently will the table be used?

  • How many guests on average will you be able to accommodate?

  • What age range do your visitors fall into?

  • How essential is a clean environment to you?

After you have the answers to these questions, you will discover that many of your design decisions will become a little clearer. For instance, if someone only expects to serve three-course dinners in their dining room on special occasions, they can choose a more formal design with the addition of a sideboard, china cabinet, and cushioned carver chairs. A more casual design and sturdy materials work well for a dining area that will be utilised every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and the occasional after-dinner homework session).

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