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What Size Mirror Should Be Placed Over the Console Table?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

In compact areas, console tables add visual interest and practicality. They are commonly coupled with large mirrors or paintings on the walls above them because they're approximately waist-high. If you are thinking about putting wall decor over a console table, you might be wondering how big the mirror should be over the console table. We have done extensive calculations and can provide you with the answers!

When it comes to the coupling of console tables with circular mirrors, the expression "opposites attract" is spot on. Their rounder shape softens the table's severe angles, and this combination is a go-to in an entrance - particularly one that could use a bit more light. Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear larger, but who does not desire those two qualities in their home?

Due to various accessibility, console tables are a fantastic asset in an entryway for a variety of reasons: they provide such a solid first impression, give a drop zone for when you walk in the door and generate a focal point for the room without eating up a lot of visual real estate.

How big should the mirror be over the console table?

Over a console table, how big should a mirror be? A console table mirror should be one-half to three-quarters the width of the tabletop and 30′′ to 42′′ high. A more oversized mirror will overshadow the table, while a higher one will throw off the vertical equilibrium by extending too far above the ceiling. The mirror's bottom border should be 6 inches above the tabletop.

It would be best to think about more than the item's height and width when placing it over the table. You might question if you can hang anything other than mirrors or big art pieces or if you can deviate from the "rules" of size and location. You'll also want to think about what to put on the top of your accent table and how they'll go with the table and the rest of your design. In this article, we'll answer all of those questions, but are you ready to find out more?

The general rule

So, how big should the mirror be over the console table? Since console tables are typically 30" to 36" high, mirrors or paintings above them should be roughly the same height and slightly less than the table's width. Following these broad criteria guarantees that the table and the artwork are visually balanced.

There are, nevertheless, exceptions to that general rule. In a space with high ceilings, a big mirror above a console table, for example, can make a striking statement. Smaller mirrors are occasionally appropriate as well.


One thing to consider when selecting a mirror/console combination is scale. When a mirror appears small in comparison to the size of the entry table, it makes it cringe. In this scenario, more significant is nearly always better; the only caveat is that the mirror's diameter should not exceed the diameter of your console table. You'll wind up with a wimpy console table rather than a dinky-looking mirror.

Massive mirrors are trendy right now, and we have to say, we adore the appearance. However, if you go this way, make sure your console table can support a giant mirror!

Make sure the mirror is placed at the proper height

In addition to considering scale, once you've obtained your mirror, ensure it is hung at the proper height. The mirror's center should dangle at eye level, and most console tables are 30" high. Putting it at that level looks fantastic and is functional; after all, you like being able to review your teeth before leaving the house, don't you? When trying to hang anything on the wall that's beyond a piece of furniture that's up to 30" high or if there's nothing underneath it, the mean eye level is about 60" from the surface, which you could use as a great general rule if it's above a piece of furniture that's up to 30" high or if there's nothing underneath it.

However, because the mirror's hanging function isn't in the exact center, you'll need to do some calculations to figure out what to position your nail/picture hang such that the center is 60" from the ground. If you have a round mirror, multiply the radius by the distance between the hanging mechanism and the mirror's edge, then multiply by 60. That's where you'll want to put your picture hanger or nail.

Frequently asked questions

What's the best way to hang a mirror above a console table?

Over an entrance or hall console table is another excellent spot for a mirror. To create a tiny gap between your table decor and the mirror, hang it about six to eight inches taller than the table itself.

Can I hang a mirror vertically or horizontally?

Mirrors should always get hung vertically. Place your mirrors so that direct open light from light fixtures does not reflect in them; in other words, the light source mirrored in the mirrors should not "blind" the individual.

In the bathroom, how big must a mirror be?

The mirror must, on average, be several inches smaller than the vanity or sink space. If you have a 48′′ single sink vanity, for example, you should choose a mirror with a width of no more than 48 inches (frame included). Aim for a total length of 42-44 inches in order to ensure a mirror does not overrun the space.

What distinguishes a high-quality mirror?

From the perspective of glass quality, make sure that there are no anomalies and that the glass does not alter reflections. A flat surface gets needed on glass. Mirrors in the home are available in thicknesses of 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch. A mirror with a thickness of 1/4 inch is ideal since it will not distort light.

How can you know if a mirror is good?

When shopping for a high-quality mirror, consider the following three factors: mirror thickness, glass quality, and mirror silvering. In terms of glass quality, check if the mirror's glass is free of flaws and does not distort reflections. A flat surface gets required on the glass.

Is it permissible to place a mirror above a radiator?

Because a hot and humid bathroom can cause fogged mirrors, instead of placing your mirror over the sink, position it right above a radiator to assist clear the reflection faster when you exit the shower.

Is it possible to hang a mirror over a couch?

A vast mirror can be put above a sofa, but keep in mind that mirrors should be placed across from frames or aesthetically attractive wherever possible. Hanging a giant mirror over a sofa just because there's an empty area and you have one isn't a good idea.

Over a 60-inch vanity, what sized mirror should be used?

Over a 60-inch vanity, what size mirror should I use? If your vanity is 60 inches broad, your mirror should be no more than 56 inches wide, allowing 2 inches on both sides.

Instead of a console table, what else might I use?

If you like the console table's surface flexibility but need more usefulness in a limited space, add a seat. This simple addition immediately transforms a bedroom into a functional and attractive space. NOTE: For tiny rooms, a transparent chair is an attractive option because it takes up less visual space.

What is the appearance of a console table?

They are usually 30 to 36 inches tall and have broad, shallow tops; they're typically square or rectangular, although demi-lunes are an attractive option. Console tables are ideal for tight locations such as entryways and corridors because of their subtle presence.

On a console table, what do you put?

Display things of varying sizes on your console table to gain the visual interest of your guests and attract praise from them. You might use a trio of candles or vases for this. Another option for adding drama is to include one tall object, such as a globe, sculpture, or beautiful planter.

Is it true that dressers with mirrors are no longer fashionable?

Drawers with mirrors are still popular, but they aren't as widespread as they once were. When you choose a dresser and mirror set, you run the danger of it looking dated. Because many older options were extensive and flashy, some individuals may consider confident dressers with mirrors out of style.

How high should a mirror be hung over the mantle?

Above the mantel: Make sure it's at least 4-5 inches above its top. However, due to the thickness of the framing, you might need to go higher to avoid casting a black shadow on your decor.

In the living room, where should a mirror be placed?

Hanging a mirror across a window with southern exposure in a living room is an excellent idea. Instead of a large piece of artwork, a horizontal mirror on the wall above the furnishings may look better if you have a long couch.

Bottom line

A console table and the area surrounding it can be styled in various ways. You can go for a more classic look by hanging a giant mirror or piece of artwork above the table and placing a few small objects on the tabletop. You can also use unique textures like macrame or metal on the wall, or try off- a collage, center placement. If you abide by the rules above, you'll be able to create a beautiful space. However, it all also boils down to the quality and beauty of the console table and mirror piece themselves beyond the matters of size or placement. Our famous Atlas chamcha wood console table is a hot-selling piece from our website Ambience décors that customers have been overjoyed with the purchase of. Shop now!


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