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How To Paint Farmhouse Table And Chairs?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The Personalization of your ideal farmhouse style furniture doesn’t stop at any instance! It even extends to the level where you can paint your farmhouse furniture to fit the perfect look for outdoor dining. By painting your farmhouse table and chairs you can make them match the outlook of your outdoor settings, or color them in a different way that perfectly contrasts with the settings and enhances the ideal aesthetic and rustic look of the room or the exterior.

Painting a furniture piece by yourself can be a daunting project but at the same time, it's fun and a learning process for you. Painting it yourself can allow you to be extra careful with the details because you're certain about making the perfect look for your table.

There are a few things that you need to be careful about while starting to paint. Because the last thing you want is to mess up with the coloring process. Hence the following factors are important to be considered while painting your farmhouse or patio furniture to perfection

Take off initial paint with an Orbital Sander or a Hard Paper

It is very important to take off the current paint or finish there is. To get the perfect finish after painting and avoid any miscalculations or mistakes during painting, it is important to take off the previous painting, so it doesn't create any unnecessary contrasts and colors after some time due to being worn already; especially in the case of Oak wood which changes colors by contrasts and over time. Attempting to remove it with hard paper in case of a big table and a high number of chairs can be a long and daunting process for you. Hence it is highly recommended that you use an orbital duster with a medium size disk to take the paint off.

It is also highly recommended that you give 3 to 4 passes over the table to ensure that the paint comes off completely. There are a few important things to keep in mind while removing the previous paint. You should always cover the corners, or any turned shapes on your farmhouse table to avoid leaving any stains or any mistakes that may make the new paint look bad once you are finished. Similarly, it is important to carefully examine the chairs in case the legs are specially designed in a certain way or if they are curved. Taking care of these things is important if you want to avoid any miscalculations and any mistakes in the outcome of your painting.

To ensure that the wood has been completely sanded, take a deep look at every part of the wood, and ensure that there is no glow or shine of any type of paint on the wood no matter from where you are looking at it, both upside and the downside. One tip you can use here in case of curved legs or curved surfaces is that you can use a high degree hard paper to rip the paint off if the orbital duster is not able to reach there.

Scrub the Wood after Sanding

After sanding the complete surface of the chairs and table, you should go over the wood again with a wet hard cloth or a rag and completely clean off any grains of paint that may have been left there after ripping the paint off. While scrubbing the wood, the goal must be to reach down to the wood you want to paint, hence removing all the grains of paint even from the small holes or lines that are present on the wood.

After completing the above-mentioned step, allow the wood to dry for a few minutes, and then go over it again with your hand to check for any grains or paint on the wood. If you don't feel any grains or paint or smoothness on the wood and just feel the natural and raw texture of wood, then you have completed the above-mentioned steps perfectly and are ready to move to the next step.

This step is the final part of sanding the wood before you approach the painting part. This time you must scrub the wood with high-grade sandpaper. For this, you can use the 220-grit sandpaper, and make the wood smooth to create the perfect surface for painting.

Painting Process

After finishing the above-mentioned steps, you are finally able to proceed and start painting the tables and chairs. The important part here is to de-assemble the chairs and the tables perfectly and put them apart while they are ready to be painted. It is highly recommended that you start painting the legs first. You can use the normal painting brushes or if you want a greater finish, you can use special brushes designed for the particular task and material.

Choosing the color of your farmhouse style table and chairs is an important task, you would want to choose the colors which will enhance the ambiance and aesthetic feel of your outdoor settings and you can also go for a unique paint scheme to differentiate the outdoor with your farmhouse style furniture to give it a unique look.

You must do more than one coat of paint on the chairs and tables to make them last longer and avoid any part being left unpainted. After finishing up the painting process of the legs, you can proceed to paint the upper part. You must keep all the parts at a good distance from each other to avoid any stains or spilling of paint. Once the paint is finished then you should leave it to dry for more than a day and it to completely settle on the wood surface. Then you are ready to proceed to the next step and close to finishing the ideal look of your farmhouse furniture set!

Stain Paint after drying up

Once all the parts of the tables and chairs have completely dried up, they are ready to be assembled again and put into their perfect original shape. At this point, you'll be able to see the perfection of the new paint and the final look that you'll get to see after a few more steps. The next step here is to apply the stained paint, you can choose an oil stain paint but make sure to choose the perfect ventilated conditions, so it doesn't attach to any clothes. It is better to let the stained paint dry overnight and continue the next step the next day. You might have to apply more than one coat of stain to get the perfect look.

After the application of the first coat of stain, dry it with a light and clean cloth in a way that doesn't let the stained paint come off but at the same time allows you to get the perfect shine you want on it. Once the multiple coats of stains are applied, you can let them dry for a few hours and then apply polyurethane to seal the stained paint and protect it from coming off during use, and allow it to stay intact for years. This part is important if you want to maintain the finish of the chairs and tables and paint without staining and the paint being removed while cleaning.

To ensure this, apply the water-based polyurethane to make the paint intact for the long term. Because the last thing you want is the paint to come off while you are having guests at your place. After all, ripping of the paint off from one place makes the whole table look bad.


Painting furniture can be a daunting experience because of the presence and level of ambiance the wood of the table and chairs already has. Hence to maintain the level of the wood and the ambiance it has from 100 years old farmhouses; it is important that you carefully perform all the steps to get the perfect new look for your farmhouse table and chairs. Perfectly de-assembling the table and chairs, using the best paint and brushes, and giving the ideal finish are the important steps to take care of.

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