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How Do You Keep Outdoor Furniture Safe from Weather Changes like Wind?

Updated: May 12, 2022

Nothing beats lounging on the back porch while watching the sunset with a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. Of course, it is equally aggravating to walk outdoors and find that intense winds have ruined your patio furniture.

The great news is that securing your patio furniture and protecting it from unexpected gusts of wind is pretty simple, at least if you take the proper precautions. Ensuring your chairs and tables, fastening them to each other, acquiring heavy metal furniture, or even creating wind-blocking structures for your patio are all options for dealing with this widespread problem. This article will guide you on how to secure outdoor furniture from the wind.

Is the Material of Your Furniture Important in the Wind?

When it gets windy, the substance of your furniture makes a difference. If you have wicker or plastic furniture, for example, the likelihood of it blowing away in a storm is significantly greater than if you had strong wood or metal furniture.

The following are some of the finest patio furniture materials for breezy areas:

  • Teak or other types of wood

  • Wrought iron

  • Metal

  • Concrete

  • Stone

If you know, you'll be living somewhere with a lot of wind, and it's good to start with more heavy-duty furniture. However, this isn't always possible, and happily, there are alternative options for protecting your lighter furniture.

In High Winds, What Should You Do with Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

If you have patio furniture cushions, it's usually a good idea to move them inside if the weather is terrible. The odds of your outdoor cushions mowing down are very great unless they get permanently fastened to your outdoor furniture.

You can always store your pillows in a more secure spot in your yard or patio area but taking them inside or into your basement is preferable. This is particularly true if the high winds you're experiencing result from a more significant storm. You don't want your outside cushions to get wet!

This is one way to secure outdoor furniture from the wind.

In a Hurricane, How Do You Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Safe?

During a storm, you should try to bring your patio furniture inside if feasible. Given the tremendous winds and rainfall associated with hurricanes, it is one of the only ways to make sure that your furnishings are not damaged or blown away.

The last situation you want is for your outdoor patio table to get blown against the back of your house, causing lasting damage. Bring your outdoor equipment and accessories inside if you have a garage or other safe indoor space.

However, if this isn't an option for you, you could permanently attach your furniture to the ground. Whatever technique of attaching your patio furniture proves to be the safest and most durable at that moment, that is the approach you should choose.

Please continue reading to discover more about securing outdoor furniture from the wind, focusing on the fourth item on our following list. Although this is the safest approach to safeguard your home and outdoor furnishings during a storm, given how severe the winds can be, that's still not a certainty.

Eight Ways How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Wind

To assist you, we've developed a list of eight techniques to keep your outdoor furniture from blowing away.

1. Invest in Solid Wood Furniture

Purchasing furniture that gets not readily moved owing to its design is one of the most significant ways to keep your furnishings from floating away in a strong wind. There are just a few various materials to consider when choosing your outdoor furniture:

  • Wood

  • Aluminum casting

  • Iron, wrought

  • Steel

Because furniture built of these materials is heavy, a strong gust of wind is unlikely to dislodge it. Although a couple of the other items on this list may be helpful, the bigger the furniture, the more difficult it will be for mother earth to carry it. Of course, this also means that relocating the furniture may be more difficult. If you enjoy putting your furniture away or moving it around regularly, the heavyweight may make this problematic. Also, keep in mind that the steel and iron may leave a mark on your patio area.

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2. Purchase an Umbrella with a Weighted Base

The umbrella is the most common item of outdoor furniture that is blown away by the wind. Because of its arched frame, it acts like a sail in the wind. If the wind begins to pick up, the correct course of action is to close the window before any damage happens. However, you won't always be available to take these precautions. There are a variety of accessories that can help hold the umbrella in position with the furniture to assist with this harsh weather situation.

The most noteworthy addition is a heavy base built to handle the umbrella rod in place and prevent it from blowing away. This type of foundation, usually filled with water or sand, is the most excellent technique to keep the umbrellas from escaping. You may be able to secure the umbrella bottom to the tabletop, depending on the style of your patio table or table set.

3. Establish a Windbreak

A replanted windbreak is a set of dense plants that serve to deflect the wind in a specific area. Some air will undoubtedly get through during strong winds, but it will lose lots of its power. This will hold your patio furniture in place while also adding a beautiful decorative touch to your landscaping.

Depending on the shrubbery you choose, it can accent your yard, serve as a pleasant background for picnics or events, and provide solitude in your garden. If you permit the plants to grow tall enough, they can also serve with shade as a sun and wind blocker.

4. Stack the Seats

If you have light outdoor chairs, even the slightest breeze will likely cause them to fall across your patio or yard. If you don't plan on utilizing them right away, stack them and store them on a side to avoid this. Naturally, this helps hold and maintain the chairs by concentrating their weight. Another advantage of this strategy is that if it rains or snows, you won't have to clean down each seat before use again.

5. Earthquake Gel Should Get Used

Earthquake gel was designed to keep glassware from sliding off of furnishings and shattering during earthquakes. Still, astute homeowners have discovered that it works well to hold patio furniture in position. The gel is a transparent chemical that can be applied to the bottoms of the feet of your seating area to prevent them from blowing away. It's worth noting, though, that the gel will render it a little more challenging to leave your furnishings freely anytime you want later; yet, you can relocate your furniture if you eliminate the compound. The gel is inexpensive and easy to buy at a hardware shop.

6. Bungee Cords Get Used to Keeping Things Secure

When you aren't going to use your patio furniture for a time, wrap a bungee cord over all of the pieces to keep it safe. The elastic in the ropes will keep them connected as one unit, and the furniture's combined bulk will act as a solid anchor to keep it from flying away in the wind.

In severe weather, you can wrap the cord's endpoints around a permanent item in the yard, such as a big tree or gate post. Perhaps you're not concerned about your patio table, but you have other patio furniture more likely to fly away. If that's the case, use smaller bungee cords to fasten the more minor things to the secure table. You can use a wire and a clasp to keep everything in place for added security.

7. It Must Be Staked & Anchored

It gets recommended that you use pegs to secure your outdoor furniture in place if you're using or keeping it in a grassy area. You may be able to thread the stake through the limbs of the table and fix it in the ground if the structure of the furniture permits it. Alternatively, you may need to tie the stick to the furniture with chains or wires.

Anchors may be more advantageous if you wish to stabilize the furniture on a concrete patio or another firm surface. While fastening your furniture is quite successful, it will necessitate some forethought and, maybe, expert assistance.

8. Bring Your Furniture Inside

Outdoor furniture is becoming incredibly common, and many people are incorporating it into their homes. There are undoubtedly numerous advantages and disadvantages to doing so, but moving the furniture inside would provide more seating room and add a new element to your apartment's decor. With accent pillows and other decorative elements, you can accessorize your patio furniture in various ways, mainly if it's a neutral hue.

If you do not have a goal for it in your everyday living space but do have a basement or spare bedroom, you may utilize it to create a relaxing den for the colder months. Taking your furniture inside, whatever form you use it, is one of the most excellent methods to not only keep it from blowing away but also to care for and maintain it for many years.

These were the eight most proven ways how to secure outdoor furniture from the wind.

What Should You Do If Your Patio Furniture Fails to Survive the Wind?

If the weather is strong enough, not fastening down your outside patio furniture can result in it blowing away. So, what you could do if your patio furniture vanishes one morning after a nighttime windstorm?

You can always inquire with your neighbors to check if they have spotted any new furnishings on their property. Finding your misplaced tables and chairs around your area, whether by automobile or on foot, is also a brilliant idea.

There are also helpful websites like Facebook Marketplace, which allow neighbors and other surrounding residents to post items they have found. Maybe your local forum has located your patio furniture!

This, though, does not always result in a resolution, and your outdoor furniture may have blown gone for good. This has occurred to numerous households, and it might happen to you as well, even if you think your outdoor furniture is well secured.

The wind has the potential to be a more significant motivator than we realize. It's easy to secure your outside patio furniture in a few easy steps, and we can't encourage it enough if you think a windstorm is coming.

What Can You Do with Your Glass Furniture When There Are Strong Winds?

Most outside decks or garden tables get constructed of tempered glass or a stronger glass ideal for use in the elements. This does not, however, imply that the glassware is unbreakable. If you have fragile furniture, it gets suggested that you bring it inside during heavy winds.

If your fiberglass tabletop is detachable from the base, we recommend bringing only the windshield inside to save room. If the glass isn't removable, though, make sure you have enough space to carry the table inside.

While there's no assurance that your glass table would break in a windstorm, the quantity of cleanup necessary, if it did, is probably not worth it. Even if your tabletop isn't thrown over and destroyed, debris may strike it and shatter glass.

Is it Possible to Secure Garden Furniture with An Outdoor Support Beam?

You could be able to secure your patio furniture with an outdoor beam, but only if you are confident that the beam can support this technique. You might not want to risk it if the beam supports a roof or other overhead construction.

However, if you're not concerned about the general stability of your patio or the durability of your beams, it's probably worth a go. This is particularly true if you have furniture which is low to the floor and is less prone to be blown around.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that you are not wondering about how to secure outdoor furniture from the wind anymore and that your question is answered. It does not have to be challenging to secure your outdoor furniture during a windy day or night. You may find that taking your furniture inside is the best alternative, but if that isn't a possibility, you can always pick from the eight options that we have discussed above to safely secure your home or garden outdoor furniture! These ways do not just keep your exterior furniture functional and attractive for years to come, but they also keep it secure regardless of the season or weather. You can shop good patio furniture at a reliable online home decor furniture store like Ambience Living Decors.

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