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What Are The Best Farmhouse Style Tables?

The ‘farmhouse style’ for tables refers to the clean, minimalist back-to-basic look of tables with normal and basic wood furniture. It promotes a lifestyle that is organic to the natural simple wood furniture. In recent years the trend has been shifting again towards the 'farmhouse style' type of tables as these tables are being used in almost all locations where sophistication, cleanliness, and minimalism are required. The farmhouse style promotes the simplicity, and charm of the people. The furniture is more popular to trend the rural life with worn and weathered wood.

Roots of Farmhouse Style Furniture:

Farmhouse style reflects the roots of America when thinking about the rural lifestyle with warm wood, large interiors, and boards, and overall giving a weathered and rustic feel as of a farmhouse. The furniture style is very simple itself that people even now prefer it to be placed in their houses, mostly due to promoting minimalism.

Farmhouses originated in Europe during the 18th Century and the trend spread to Canada and America during the 19th Century. Farmhouses were then upgraded and were facilitated widely with electricity and water; hence the trend took more height. The trend of farmhouse-style furniture is on the verge today because it reflects a sophisticated, and simpler time in America during the 1850s-1950s. The specialty of farmhouse furniture is that it promotes warmth and simplicity even in today's modern houses, the weathered and rustic feel is still alive in homes where Farmhouse style furniture is used, it gives that contrast of the aesthetic, and country-built furniture as compared to the factory-built ones.

Elements of Farmhouse Style Furniture:

So, what actually is a real farmhouse table? The table which constitutes the following elements is what makes for a perfect farmhouse-style table. Multiple elements constitute a classic farmhouse style furniture, the most vital of which are described below:

  • Recycled Wood: The wood used in farmhouse-style furniture is used from farmhouses that existed more than 100 years ago, ensuring the old rustic, and weathered feel in it.

  • Large Furniture: Since farmhouses are wide and large places, the furniture also is expansive in size depicting wide, open, and large places. The furniture itself has large bolts, and blades, and the overall structure is large.

  • Weathered Wood: The wood will have saw blade cuts, beams of bolt holes, and signs of large nails on it; reflecting its past itself to give a perfect feel of rustic, and old furniture.

  • Leg Styles: The most vital element of a farmhouse-style table is its legs; the old traditional and sophisticated designed legs are a great reflection of the past and country-side farmhouses. The legs are built and designed following the old farmhouses that existed more than 100 years ago, perfectly giving the weathered, and old-school manufacturing touch to the product.

  • Warm Colors: The colors of the farmhouse-style tables are also traditional. The most famous and common ones are pine, while other varieties such as reclaimed oak, are still vital to reflecting the perfect farmhouse style charm.

Classic vs. Modern Furniture:

Most companies offer two varieties of farmhouse-style furniture, them being the Classic and Modern ones. The modern farmhouse-style furniture has more finishing touches, basically removing the old weaving feels, removing all the saw blade cuts, random holes on the tables, and marks of large nails. Overall, it is finished perfectly with a modern touch by having the modern technology employed on it, such as adding more of a gloss finish and removing the old rustic feels. Most people now consider choosing custom modern farmhouse style tabletops, while adding metal legs to them. Similarly, some people customize the tables with a marble or granite top which is already made of refined oak. Choosing between a modern and classic farmhouse style of furniture depends on the aesthetics and style you want to bring into your house, as the options also include painting the tabletops in black, grey, dark grey, or other colors on top of the wood colors. The options are endless between the modern and classic farmhouse styles of furniture.

Most Demanded Farmhouse Style Furniture Pieces:

The furniture built in the Farmhouse style is vast, but some pieces are the ones that people request and order the most. These pieces are ordered depending on the look and interior of their house, and basically on the overall furniture. People tend to choose these pieces to increase the aesthetic and old rustic farmhouse style feels in their houses. As it also appeals to the enjoyment and aesthetic feeling of a person while being around furniture that gives out a certain kind of feel.

Following are the pieces of farmhouse-style furniture that are requested the most:

  • Dining Tables: Requests for classic farmhouse-style dining tables with a rustic, and weathered exposure are increasing. A table with 100 years old woven wood and with rustic features is the centerpiece of a home. A large table, and perfectly giving out the farmhouse feels is what people tend to choose for creating the aesthetic outlook of their homes.

  • Coffee Tables: Just like Dining tables, people tend to choose large farmhouse-style coffee tables for having old school feelings while enjoying their coffee and the fresh fragrance of freshly roasted coffee beans. A farmhouse-style coffee table with darker color is a perfect way to showcase your tables and reflect the old farmhouse era with weathered and aesthetic feels.

  • Dining Chairs: Like the dining tables, people tend to choose heavy and large dining chairs. These chairs in turn increase the perfect farmhouse look of the house and the dining table. These chairs are simple and give the old weathered and worn wood experience. They make for a great combination with the farmhouse-style dining tables.

  • Dining Benches: Not only the dining tables that are famous in the farmhouse style furniture, but dining benches with joint table and a bench are the constitution and reflection of the 100-year-old farmhouse time. These benches perfectly give out the old rustic, and reclaimed wood feels and an overall outlook in your house.

Benefits of Farmhouse Style Tables:

Since the farmhouse-style tables are made from wood that existed in farmhouses 100 years ago, these tables have their benefits that pertain to the material of wood used in building them. While the benefits of having a farmhouse table are that it is made to last, the wood is weathered, and is already 100 years old, hence if you are looking for furniture to retain its shape and style, farmhouse style tables are the best choice for long-term lasting furniture.

Farmhouse style tables are often bought second-hand used tables, and hence the cost is often not that high as compared to other modern built tables. The modern farmhouse tables have some modern touches and can be a little more expensive than the classic secondhand ones. Additionally, farmhouse-style tables have a variety of styles in terms of the wood used. For those who like to have the old rustic feels, and wood with dents saw blade marks, then reclaimed wood is the best option. For those people who like to have a more uniform and cleaner look, then pine and oak-style woods is the best option to have on your farmhouse-style tables.

Farmhouse-style furniture is a great addition to your interior design if you are planning to have an aesthetic feel in your house, as well as add a little touch of weathered and rustic wood that overall increases the presence of your furniture. Farmhouse-style furniture has its significance that makes it a trend during this modern era, as it perfectly fits in the setting of your house. A farmhouse-style table made of 100-year-old wood is what can be called the best farmhouse table.


If you are looking to buy Farmhouse Style Furniture with the best wood options and pricing packages, then Ambience Living Decors is the best place to choose. They offer a wide variety of fine wood materials, both from 150 years old farmhouses and with modern touches, perfect to satisfy your requirement of adding the aesthetic touch to your home. The handwork of wood perfectly fits in your house furniture and enhances the interior and exterior styles of your house.

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