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What Kind Of Chairs Go With An Outdoor Farmhouse Table?

The look of your dining room or outdoor table locations can be completed by adding the perfect chairs to it. What is around the table and where everyone is sitting are the factors that matter the most when evaluating the perfect farmhouse style table looks. The farmhouse table can be tweaked a little more by adding the perfect chairs to match and fit with the unique tabletop you have chosen. Such seating criteria around the table matter as they play a big part in evaluating the comfort and overall look of your farmhouse style tables

Adding the perfect chairs to your room and completing the perfect farmhouse style table will add a bit more rustic look and aesthetic feeling to the weathered and worn wood that you personalize. The design of the chairs matters a lot because the materials and colors used on the table have to match or perfectly fit the design of the chairs.

While choosing the perfect chairs might seem easy, there are a few factors to be considered to match your highly personalized table.

Following are some factors that are important to be considered:

  • Table & Chairs Should Be Different Materials:

The materials used in the table mustn't be the same as those used in the chairs. A table made of Oak should not have chairs made of Oak as well. The color of a timber table may be warm but adding timber chairs with it will damage the overall look of the sitting. The combination will make it look too warm and not fit for the eyes and sitting comfort of the people. Therefore, choosing different materials for both the table and the chairs and making the perfect combination through such is important.

Having different materials in tables and chairs will add the extra look to your farmhouse-style table while the chairs will also stand out with their unique materials and presentations. This whole set will add an extra aesthetic and rustic ambience to your dining table.

  • Overwhelm of Texture:

Overwhelming the room with texture by using chairs and tables made of wood that is rich in texture can be a little extra than needed for your outdoor settings. Overloading texture in your farmhouse style table setting may not go well with the eye of others. Hence adding visual highs and lows in your setting can be a good option to consider. Having a farmhouse style table made of Oak and having chairs with light color cushions can prove to be a much better combination that perfectly fits in your outdoor settings.

Having the table in different materials and the chairs in different materials can add an extra unique different look and will allow you to be calmed by the look of the table and then be amazed by the look of the chairs.

  • Different Colors:

To get the perfect and ideal outdoor look with your personalized farmhouse style table and chairs, it will add a little extra charm and calmness if the colors of the table and chairs are different. For example, having a table of pine wood and chairs with a colored fabric instead of just another wood can add a little more extra tweaks and perfection to your outdoor farmhouse style table look.

This combination can add extra ambience and a more comfortable look for your eyes, as well as the fabric used will add comfort in sitting for the users. A table with dark wood color and chairs in the colored fabric is perfect for the smooth ambience of your outdoor farmhouse style table and chairs. Having different colors of tables and chairs is always a great option to consider while choosing the best chairs for completing your ideal outdoor farmhouse style table look.

  • Width of the Chairs:

It is equally important to consider the width of the chairs while pairing them with your personalized farmhouse style table. A large Oak wood table will not fit with small low width chairs, similarly, you need to choose the chairs perfect for your table depending on the size and variance of the table. Hence deciding the size that perfectly allows the right leg space and ability to put your hands on the table is very important. Choosing the number of chairs that should be kept is important as well because of course you do not want to surround your table with lots of chairs leaving no space between each of them, which in turn will cause discomfort and damage the overall look of your table.

Choosing the perfect number of chairs is ideal, hence it is recommended that you leave 8-10 cm of space between each chair to add a fair and clean look to the table. Some tables have inset legs which allow a smaller number of chairs to be fit while some tables have more space underneath allowing you to add and fit more chairs.

  • Types of Chairs:

You must also be choosing between a variety of chairs available to fit perfectly with your farmhouse style table and complete the ideal outdoor look. Selecting the perfect chair to pair with your farmhouse style table and upkeep or maintaining the ambience and aesthetic look of the surrounding is equally important. As chairs add a significant portion of the overall table look and usage. Below are a few of the best chairs you can choose to perfectly fit with your farmhouse style table:

  • Armless Tucker Dining Chair: This chair features a curved back and comes in several colors and fabric designs to choose from. The chair has foam fabric hence also adding comfort to your table while using it. The chair is very versatile, it will perfectly fit with the look of a modern farmhouse table and will add extra ambience and comfort to the modern look of your outdoor seating. It is moderately expensive and can be a good option to consider comparably.

  • Pottery Barn Reed: This specific chair is perfect for adding to your bench-style farmhouse dining tables in the outdoor setting. The chair does not have any fabric attached and is simply with a mono-color tone. The chair has raised hunches to put your legs on and perfect fit with the size of the outdoor farmhouse style table. It is surely the best choice for adding to the rustic and aesthetic look of your farmhouse style table. It is not that expensive compared to other modern types of chairs.

  • Mod way A loft Faux Leather Chair: This chair comes with an armrest and a headrest and has everything to make your sitting more comfortable. The chair has leather fabric or foam to perfectly fit your comfort needs while also adding the extra look to your perfect outdoor farmhouse style table. This chair is the best choice to add to your modern farmhouse style tables due to the armrest and headrest settings it has and can surely add more ambience and perfection to your farmhouse style table setting. These modern chairs can be expensive comparably to fit the needs of your modern farmhouse style table.

  • Mod way Gear Rustic Farmhouse Chair: This specific type of chair is what perfectly fits the rustic, weathered, and aesthetic look of the 100-year-old wood used in your farmhouse style table. This chair is perfect for completing the aesthetic look of your classic farmhouse style table in outdoor settings. This chair fairly showcases the magnificent work of wood done on it and perfectly adds to the already present charm and presence of the farmhouse-style table made of Walnut, Pine, or Oak wood. The chair has beautiful blends all over and includes an armrest and headrest.


Having the perfect chair to fit and complete the look of your outdoor farmhouse style table is equally important because where someone is sitting matters the most while evaluating the personalization of your table. The chairs around the table and their design in terms of material used, colors, and comfort will add to the overall look and perfection of your farmhouse style table and help you decide what kind of chairs can go with an outdoor farmhouse table. For instance, chairs with and without armrests perfectly align and go with the specific design of your farmhouse table, while it is important that the materials used are different and the color scheme is soothing to the eye and complete the overall perfect look of your farmhouse style table and add to the ambience and aesthetic look around it.

Ambience Living Decor is a company that specializes in providing a wide variety of chairs for customers to choose from and the ability to design and select the chairs while at the time of personalizing your tables, so you complete the perfect look of your space in a go!

Ambience Living Decors professionally provides you with the most demanded options of chairs and the highest-quality materials to choose from, ranging from classic to modern farmhouse style tables and so much more. The company simply has the options that you need to complete the ideal look of your outdoor farmhouse style table.

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