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What Makes Outdoor Patio Furniture So Costly?

Updated: May 12, 2022

Because outdoor furniture characteristics are different from those of inside furniture, high-quality outdoor furniture is more expensive than indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture necessitates the use of higher-quality materials and more efficient and sustainable manufacturing methods, allowing it to resist repeated exposure to the elements and even repel pests. In the end, patio furniture is more costly because it is superior.

So, it is reasonable why the outdoor patio furniture is so expensive. Many pricey, high-end sets are handcrafted, whereas less expensive furniture is mass-produced in a factory. Patio furniture costs are (usually) directly proportionate to how long it will survive. Investing in high-end home and garden outdoor furniture today could save you money in the long run, rather than buying it every few years with low-cost ones. Find a set with a specific guarantee if you want to spend in a set that will endure for years. The material, on the other hand, is the fundamental determinant of pricing.

What justifies the outdoor patio furniture being so expensive?

Patio furniture has a few aspects that reasonably increase costs over indoor furniture:

  • High-quality materials used to create this product

  • Unparalleled construction quality

  • Having withstood the test of time

  • Aesthetic design

High-quality materials of patio furniture

The materials used in patio furniture get designed to survive all forms of weather, including snow, rainfall, heat, warmth, and more. Stain-resistant qualities are also applied to outdoor cushions and pillows to protect them from wet areas, oil-based stains (such as those caused by sunscreen), and other stains.

The sort of material you select gets determined by a number of factors:

  • What will be the location of the furniture? What kind of weather will it have to withstand?

  • Do you intend to keep it for a long time?

  • How do you intend to safeguard it?

Protection of your outdoor furniture, regardless of the material, is essential. This is when patio furniture coverings come in handy. However, when it comes to routine cleaning and upkeep, you should consider how much labor you get prepared to put in. Some materials require more care than others to maintain their appearance. This is why outdoor patio furniture is so expensive.

Synthetic Wicker

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is used to create high-quality synthetic wicker. Natural wicker, also known as rattan, should be utilized exclusively in enclosed environments. Natural wicker is not built to withstand the elements and will quickly deteriorate if left uncovered. Synthetic wicker is a terrific option, and high-end sets that appear like natural wicker are easy to come by. If you want to utilize natural wicker furniture outside, stay covered with a rain and wind cover while it's not in use, and keep it in a shaded place.

Synthetic wicker, sometimes known as synthetic resin, is a long-lasting material. It's rust-resistant, won't fracture or brittle in the cold, and won't fade in the sunlight. It's also stain-resistant to the majority of foods and beverages.

PVC is most likely used in low-cost synthetic wicker sets. PVC has a shorter life expectancy than HDPE, and it usually degrades in 1-2 years. If you're on a limited budget, buying and caring for one of these sets can be worth it. When not in use, keep it out of the sun and rain, and cover it with inexpensive patio furniture covers to extend its life.

Another cost consideration is the framework of synthetic wicker furniture. Steel frames are standard in low-cost wicker patio furniture. Aluminum is 2-to 3 significantly more costly as a raw material than steel. When steel is left outside in heavy humidity and rain, it will rust and corrode over time. Color fade and corrosion are usually prevented by treating aluminum furniture frames.

Wicker furniture is simple to clean and maintain; for a quick clean, splash it off with water and let it air dry. Wicker furniture is, therefore, an excellent choice for families with small children and pets.


Teak furniture for the outdoors is adaptable, attractive, and long-lasting. However, many buyers are unaware that teak comes in three grades, each of which significantly impacts its durability and pricing.

Grade A Teak

The best quality and most costly is Grade A teak. The wood gets harvested from the tree's heart, which contains the saturated solution of natural oils. This oil helps control pests as well as protect against the elements. Teak furnishings in Grade A is golden brown, with tight grain and few knots.

Grade B Teak

Grade B teak gets harvested from the tree's limbs on the outside. Because it has a limited level of organic oils, it is more susceptible to the environment outside. Grade B teak furnishings has a lighter color, less sheen, and an irregular texture than Grade A.

Grade C Teak

Teak from the exterior section of a mature log is graded C. It is a low-quality wood. It lacks natural oils, rendering it susceptible to damage and unsuitable for outdoor use.

Grade B and C teak furniture are frequently treated with chemicals and surface coatings to make it appear as if it were made of Grade A teak. Lesser quality teak furniture, even when professionally treated, will not survive as long as authentic Grade A teak furniture. That’s why, outdoor furniture will of course be expensive if you look for quality.

Teak patio furniture with a high grade often has an extended guarantee period. Look for a reputable retailer to verify you're getting a genuine Grade-A teak table rather than treated Grades B or C.

Teak furniture, while long-lasting, requires frequent maintenance and protection. It's critical to understand how to winterize your outside teak furniture effectively. Investing in a pair of patio furniture covers may keep your expensive stuff looking new.


Metal outdoor furniture sets are durable. You can rapidly change the design of your backyard by just switching the pillows on your seats and sofa, which are made of robust metal frames.

Because powder-coated metal does not rust, it is the most outstanding choice for outdoor furniture. The coat will also assist in minimizing fading caused by exposure to the sun. Aluminum, on the other hand, is light. Therefore, it might not be the most excellent choice for high-wind situations. To avoid blowing over, look for furnishings with weighted feet.

Stainless frame sets are typically less expensive. Steel is robust and low-maintenance, but it is prone to rust and can become quite hot in the sun. Powder-coated frame sets are also available, but these must be covered to keep out the rain and humidity.

To prepare your outdoor aluminum and wrought iron furniture for the winter, you can apply a small coat of car wax.


There is a range of hardwood patio furniture options in addition to teak. Expensive wooden sets are almost certainly constructed of inherently durable wood or have gotten treated to make them more durable.

Following are some of the most widely used woods for outdoor furniture:

  • Because of its naturally high oil content, Shorea is less expensive than teak yet provides some of the same benefits.

  • Cedar is a classic outdoor wood because it is highly grained and has deep hues. With proper care, cedar may provide years of natural weather resistance.

  • Acacia is a light wood with natural oils that keep it from rotting.

  • Eucalyptus is a durable wood with a smooth feel that requires little upkeep. For an environmentally responsible choice, make sure the company employs FSC-certified eucalyptus.

To avoid cracking, bending, and water stains, patio wood furniture should get maintained regularly. Because care instructions differ depending on the material, it's essential to check with the manufacturers before buying to make sure you are not making a wrong deal.


To prevent color fading, most plastic patio furniture gets coated with UV radiation. The more expensive a set is, the longer it will be attractive. The costliest patio plastic furniture is usually molded, which means it will appear to be made entirely of one piece. This provides the furniture with a more modern and premium appearance, hence, raising the price. Molded plastic furniture is a popular choice since it is sturdy and easy to maintain. Some companies also use recycled materials to make their furniture, which raises the price.


Because of its basic appearance, concrete patio furniture is becoming increasingly popular. While concrete is inexpensive in and of itself, concrete furniture is not. The majority of cement furniture isn't made entirely of concrete. They contain fiberglass resin, which boosts the furniture's longevity and gives it a glossy appearance. However, the cost rises as a result of this.

The fiberglass resin add-in is usually not included or is only present in small amounts in low-cost concrete furniture. This makes it more vulnerable to crack in severe temperatures, giving it a weathered appearance.

Pillow and Cushions

The difference in price between indoor cushions and pillows and outdoor pillows and cushions may amaze you. Patio pillows and cushions can cost up to three times as much as inside pillows and cushions! Nevertheless, don't let the cost of using indoor products outside seduce you. Standard cushions and pillow fillings are ineffective at draining liquid; a single downpour or misdirected sprinkler might damage an indoor pillow.

When wet, outdoor pillows and cushions are more porous and meant to drain and dry fast. Cloth has also been processed to resist fading and maintain the vibrancy of the colors. Fortunately, this simplifies the maintenance of outdoor materials. Many may be machine washed or cleaned with dish soap on a spot basis.

Lightness is another aspect that will raise the price of outdoor pillows. If you want a comfortable outdoor material that rivals indoor materials, expect to pay 20-30% more than you would for a standard outdoor pillow or cushion.

Unparalleled construction quality

When it comes to patio furniture price, the build quality, in addition to the materials utilized, is a decisive element. As with anything else in life, the higher the fit and finish, the costlier it will be. Elevated patio furniture manufacturers tend to employ not just the best materials available but also to ensure that every stage of the production process is as efficient as possible, resulting in a better piece of furniture altogether.

Wood furniture provides some excellent instances of build quality. Cheap wood furniture is frequently glued together (as shown in the lower-end choices), making it vulnerable to harm when exposed to high quantities of moisture or sunlight. More extraordinary furniture, on either hand, is constructed in such a way that the connections will not get damaged by exposure to the elements or mishandling.

The finishes are also excellent indicators of build quality. When it comes to recognizing cheap furniture, finishes are one of the most prominent indicators. Expensive furniture has well-fitting joints and an overall feel that screams quality. Because of these factors, build quality is such a crucial deciding element when purchasing high-end furniture.

Having withstood the test of time

Sunlight, rainfall, ice, air, dirt, and even bugs can harm your furniture when it’s outside. Nothing else will happen if you leave any piece of inside furniture on your patio for a day. However, if you keep it out for a week or more, it will be severely damaged.

Aesthetic design

The changing nature of styles and trends can make one's head spin. When you purchase an item of furniture, you don't want it to fall out of fashion prior to you having had the opportunity to use it a few times. With all this in view, high-end patio furniture designers create items that can withstand changing trends. Designers consider how effectively their furnishings will adjust and fit into new concepts of attractiveness in decor with each style.

Concluding thoughts

In reading this blog, we hope you got the answer to why is outdoor patio furniture so expensive. Due to its high-quality elements, solid craftsmanship, and long-lasting sturdiness, exquisite outdoor furniture is costlier than other furniture pieces that only last one year. Without question, beautiful outdoor furniture is an expense but is well worthwhile.

Outdoor furniture can significantly improve and enrich your outdoor living experience. With patio furniture, you will intensify encountering the outdoor pleasures of gathering on the terrace for a sunset meal, resting by a pool, and having a coffee while savoring a calm, tranquil morning. Furniture that is both beautiful and comfortable plays a significant part in uplifting your gatherings and lifestyle. So, it sure is quite fun shopping outdoor furniture for home and garden online from your Ambience Living Decors.

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